xCAD Interior CAM: CNC export

The modern machine application is the prerequisite for fast and economical furniture making from designed 3D models

xCAD Interior directly converts the geometry, planning and construction data of 3D models into machine-readable CNC formats. With xCAD Interior, the corresponding CNC programs are automatically generated from the 3D design data of the models and material information. The internal machines of various manufacturers and different postprocessors are supported by an internal, uniform format.

Generate all data for production from a planning

CNC data, milling and drilling patterns are automatically matched, and cutting lists are transferred to the cutting optimization software. Edge gluing or cutting optimization or nesting and 5-axis control on customer request.

Expandable and customizable

The xCAD CAD / CAM extension modules are available for xCAD Interior PRO and can be combined individually. Select from CNC export modules for different formats (e.g. NC-HOPS, FORMAT 4, TwinCAM, DXF, WoodWOP, Maestro xcs & pgmx, ...) and combine them with export modules for panel saws (e.g. HHOS incl. material export, Altendorf F45 ELMO incl. cutting optimization, ...) to export modules for warehouse management systems (e.g. Grundner).

All parameters are individually configurable

You can customize the CNC parameters regarding sizes, drill holes, drill diameters, drill depths, etc. in your own catalog with xCAD Interior PRO. This allows you to add new articles to the CNC export at any time and very flexibly.

Information about xCAD CAM modules