xCAD Interior - Scope of Functions

  • xCAD Interior Light is a tool for planning and visualizing furniture and interiors. xCAD Interior Light allows the professional and serious amateur an affordable entry into the world of xCAD Interior.
  • xCAD Interior Design is a tool for planning, constructing and visualizing interiors for the professional user. xCAD Interior Design offers an outstanding price / performance ratio for furniture design.
  • xCAD Interior PRO sets new standards in the areas of planning, construction, presentation and production for the professional user.

When upgrading to a larger xCAD Interior version, you only pay the difference between the two purchase prices.
Here is an example to explain: You have version xCAD Interior Design and want to upgrade to xCAD Interior PRO. To upgrade, you pay only the difference of the purchase price of xCAD Interior Design to xCAD Interior PRO, the purchase price of xCAD Interior Design will be credited to you.

Functions xCAD Interior Light xCAD Interior Design xCAD Interior PRO
Construct and visualize in the 3D scene Yes Yes Yes
Ground plans Yes Yes Yes
Wall views Yes Yes Yes
Room planner Yes Yes Yes
Standard rooms Yes Yes Yes
Windows, doors, wall breakthroughs, etc. Yes Yes Yes
Project assistant for standard cabinets Yes Yes Yes
Construction settings (connections of individual components, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Cabinet bevels Yes Yes Yes
Adjust the cabinet parallel to the roof slope Yes Yes Yes
Edges Yes Yes Yes
Shelf number and shelf offset can be edited Yes Yes Yes
Vertical and horizontal dividers can be edited Yes Yes Yes
Rounding for plates Yes Yes Yes
Project assistant for corner cabinets Yes Yes Yes
Plate / cover / gallery Yes Yes Yes
Countertops Yes Yes Yes
Sweeps Yes Yes Yes
Manage and create catalogs and libraries Yes Yes Yes
Animations (doors and drawers) Yes Yes Yes
List of parts with thumbnails Yes Yes Yes
POV-RAY output (render interface) Yes Yes Yes
Render 360° panoramas Yes Yes Yes
Create preset cabinets (with edges) Yes Yes Yes
Model presets Yes Yes Yes
Advanced design options for furniture construction
  • Basic cabinet shapes with different widths and heights
  • Basic cabinet shapes with vaults and arcs
  • Frame filling fronts
  • Clothes hangers
  • Face plates
Yes Yes
2D and 3D views for plans as wireframe models or with visible lines with/without colored areas Yes Yes
Overview plans Yes Yes
Project assistant for furniture Yes Yes
Project assistant for corner benches or plates Yes Yes
Roof windows Yes Yes
File import formats: COLLADA, VRML 1.0, VRML 2.0, IFC-Step, DXF Yes Yes
File export formats: VRML, OBJ, DXF Yes Yes
File import of plate outlines in DXF format Yes Yes
XML export Yes Yes
Sliding doors Yes Yes
Simplified sunlight settings Yes Yes
Handle bars Yes Yes
Recessed grip bars (C-profile, L-profile, etc.) Yes Yes
Freehand drawings Yes Yes
Real-time 3D presentation (real-time renderer) incl. bump-mapping textures Yes Yes
Extended list output
  • Material list
  • Cutting list
  • Raw cutting list
  • Object list
  • Article list
  • List of parts in label format
Project assistant for free-form cabinets Yes
Pyramid shape for cabinets Yes
Freely definable cutters and profiles Yes
Horizontal and vertical fixed blinds Yes
Sections Yes
Top / bottom blanking Yes
Validation function Yes
Exploded view Yes
Drawer types (Legrabox, TANDEMBOX intivo/antaro, etc.) Yes
CAM editor with drilling drawing incl. 3D view Yes
Machining (e.g. dowel connection) across cabinet boundaries Yes
Article editor for CNC parameters Yes
Light switch object for switching light sources Yes
Tile module Yes
Material calculation Yes
Part specific color mode Yes

xCAD Interior expansion modules

xCAD Interior is also expandable with modules for special applications: