Enjoy xCAD VR for interior and architecture design in an absolutely new and fascinating dimension.

xCAD VR 02

Inspire your clients with xCAD VR

With Virtual Reality Presentation xCAD VR a user has the ability to walk through rooms, which he has designed custom-made. The users great experience is, that he is directly in the virtual room situation. He can move furniture items, walk through doors, stand before electric devices, estimate room dimensions and have a look for colors, materials and light. The new technologie is comparable wich a „Holodeck“ animation from star trek movies. The only hardware tool for this new virtual reallity world solution is a virtual reality glass like Oculus Rift.

xCAD VR 03

Presentation at your clients

xCAD VR inspires the user and gives an additional sales argument for 3D design, the clients made. The system is a also low cost solution with a high road capability. The VR glass can be stored in a suitcase and is portable to the client, where presentations can be made. 3D models for presentation purposes can be designed with xCAD Interior. The output for 3D models in xCAD Interior can be a monitor or a printer or although a VR glass.

xCAD VR 04

For the entire design process

xCAD Interior is available in different versions from a low cost version for first users for small companies to an extended version including purchase order processing and CNC manufacturing for the entire design process. In all version simple and intuitive usability is included. XCAD Interior is developed in Austria, there is no graphical core as many other tools have.